Monday, March 20, 2017

3 new shorteners thad paids

There are 3 new shorteners in the extension. They have something in common; Pay more than 1.5 $ CPM for everyone and I have confirmed that they pay and on time. These are:, which pays from a minimum of $ 1.6 for any country in the world. Spain does it to 2.5 $, which is also the maximum that can be obtained according to the rates. Payments are made from $ 5 to the Paypal account. (This could have problems) as indicated in rates, the best paid is U.S. with $8 followed by Australia with $5. Rates have recently increased for almost all countries. Those not mentioned in the tables (this includes all Spanish-speaking LATAM) are paid at 1.6$ for 1K visits, Spain makes it at $ 2.10. Pay at $5 for Paypal. (This could have problems) paid for from Australia; $4.40. United Kingdom $4.24, Norway $4.00 and United States at $3.95. Among other countries, Spain appears with $2.10 and after another those of Latin America, all of them quoting to $1.50 without exception. Pays at $ 5 via Paypal. Also it have options to advertise.

A couple of errors have also been fixed in the notifications of some shorteners.

Best regards