Saturday, September 10, 2016

New shorteners, some peerless

I wish you had a description of two new shorteners you already have included in your extension (2.3) and could drastically change your income for better. They are:

Mgcash is a CPA platform affiliation that has some interesting tools to build links. One of them is a URL shortener, whose intermediate pages show one of the offers available for the country of the visit, in full-screen and with a wait of 15 seconds. Some of the offers pay up to $ 75 per conversion.

SafeLinkConverter allows us to choose between display ads CPM (cost per thousand) or our Adsense ads. In the latter case distributes 99% of revenues. Rates are skyrocketed; US payouts rates are $16 per thousand views. For Spain, they are $2.18, the minimum LATAM are $ 1.8 thousand visits.

Even more shorteners are included;, and More information and easy API access in extension.

Best regards!