Sunday, March 5, 2017

3 new APIs for 3 awesome shorteners and more faster!

We have just added 3 new very interesting shorteners. Is about: (intended for adult traffic) is the same creators of Adfly, and although it is very recent has almost all the advantages of this. All countries are well paid. Spain does it at $ 1.56, Mexico at $ 1.06, Argentina at $ 1.02 per thousand visits (of all LATAM, the lowest quoted is Chile with $ 0.89). You can check the rates in the specific section. Is European and quite recent. Pay a CPM (cost per mile) from a minimum of $ 1.6 for all countries in the world. This urls shortener sends payments from as little as $ 1 via PayPal or Bitcoin. ¡Awesome! Besides, punctuality in payments is a very remarkable feature of it. although this shortener was already included, it was not so with its API. Now you can use it very easily. Their rates of payment are very competitive, from a minimum of $ 1.50 for any country. This shortening is on a par with in almost all respects. From 5 $ we can request the payments via Paypal

Also I added a script that allows to open the extension faster, delaying the loading of the images. Now only the images of the selected tab are loaded, saving load time at the start. It is made with lazysizes.

I hope you enjoy them. A greeting to all.