Saturday, June 10, 2017

Beyond shorteners: meta-shortener

There is a new URL shortener that does not pay but with which you can improve your income that has added to URL MultiShortener. A new and exclusive URL shortener and meta-shortener is the last application I've been working on. It is present on UMS and it's a link shortener with many possibilities.

Not only can it work as a regular and simple shortener, redirecting visitors immediately to the landing page, but it has other functionalities. We will see them all or almost all.

  • It can shorten addresses of all types, with or without protocol and with multiple special characters and symbols. This includes the signs of admiration among others to make it compatible with the Mega links and everything that is put ahead.
  • You can choose between 4 different types of links. Namely:
    • Direct, automatic or simple redirections; As it is expected to work a shortener without more functionality but with a barbaric speed; Sending users to landing pages without any delay or other signal.
    • Intermediate pages with external sites. It would be like a full screen ad and we the advertiser.
    • Intermediate pages with a repertoire of referral systems. Where we just have to leave our referral links and whose distribution we can edit.
    • Metashortened: We can use other shorteners to shorten the links and change that shortening in all links with 1 click.
  • The links are saved in your account so you can have them always on hand. You can log in with email accounts or social networks; Twitter and Google+ and once inside associate other accounts for an always simpler login.
  • Service fully scalable so it will always work fast and without interruptions (at the moment not because I'm not paying anything for the hosting).
  • Easy navigation and accessible resources from the main panel. There is a support chat in this main panel in case you want to contact me, although you can use any way.

Of course you can create a user account, otherwise other types of links other than the direct link can not be created at the moment.

Intermediate pages with external sites

I also call it 'external pages as intermediates' or simply 'external pages' to abbreviate within the application. As in the more classic shorteners we can show our site as if it were an interstitial ad.

Above all there is a navbar with a countdown and a button to continue to the landing page. If you always wanted to advertise in the shorteners they pay, this is the opportunity to do it totally free (although logically only in your links and not links of other users).

Intermediate pages with referral systems

You may not have a preferred external page, or you may have several and you want to display them all together. In that case you can only insert your referral links, set the preferred order and launch. will show your collection, adding images and text for you to try to get multiple referrals in a single visit.

At the moment only 4 famous referral programs are included but I hope to add many more as time goes by. I have a good compilation throughout the my blog and many that I never published because they are PTCs (money for click advertising).

About the meta-shortener and quick links

The metashortener is the tool with which we can shorten one or a series of links instantly and with a single click our links with other shorteners.

In order to do this it is imperative that the external shortener that we are going to use count among its tools with the 'fast links'. Called Quick Links and Easy Links, you can find them in virtually all the sharers they pay for sharing, within the tool sections.

This kind of links are great. They allow us to build remunerated links from addresses without shortening, placing this quick link to the destination address. All this makes it launch me for us automatically and immediately (not even a second), once we have passed the corresponding quick link.

👉 Keep in mind this: You can shorten the links with and then meta-shorten them with different shorteners and change them at any time.

For now, you can find it on the Direct tab of URL Multishortener.

Many more features in the future

I have many ideas and improvements in mind, but I also hope your suggestions. Some of them are probably:

  • Add statistics or at least visit counters. I am already adding the latter and will soon be available.
  • Be able to rotate intermediate pages as well as shorteners on the meta-shortener

At the moment, it is only available in spanish. You can contact with me in the principal panel, in the chat box. Best regards!