Thursday, June 22, 2017

Improved Behavior and 3 new shorteners that pays

In addition to 3 new shorteners that are sure to give no problems, there are some small improvements that you may not notice in URL MultiShortener.

This is a better behavior of the extension, preventing other addresses are shortened that are not desired when there is more than one window open (until now it was possible to open several windows of the extension if we were unfolding them from the context menu of the browser).

This is now no longer possible, since UMS closes the previous window when opening a new one, even when the popup is displayed as it is done generally from the button of the extensions bar.

Another improvement is that the links obtained in the clipboard no longer include a line break that is sent from the shortener. It is now much easier to keep up with work when links are shortened with the context menu button of the browser, having a URL selected.

The new added shorteners are these: although I really still do not know if it pays, many are recommending it, and is that it is giving a good service for Latin America. Despite having a worldwide price of $ 1.60, it now offers more for most countries in the region. Pay at $ 5, via Paypal. belongs to the same owner of so you can practically count on our trust from the beginning. We can both advertise and earn revenue. Among the rates the highest paid countries are the United Kingdom and the United States with 2.5 $ each per thousand. The minimum CPM is $ 1.50. Payments are sent by Paypal once reached the 5 $.

Excuse me, this looks scam: with barbaric rates for all countries, starting from a minimum of 2 $ CPM. The highest-paid countries are Australia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, all of them at $ 5.00 per thousand. From just $ 1 we can withdraw our profits via Paypal or WebMoney.

They are ready to use on your extension. Best regards!