Thursday, February 22, 2018

Six new shorteners added

New shorteners have been added that, if they are not already, they will soon be available for use within the extension: has highest payouts for European countries and pay from a minimum of $ 3 for all. Withdraw from $ 5 via PayPal and Paytm, Bitcoin from $ 20 and Payoneer from $ 50. is sending your payments in a matter of minutes and has great rates; from a minimum of $ 3.00 the thousand visits. Payments are sent by Paypal and Payza from $ 5 of balance, as well as Payoneer from $ 50. looks great, emphasizes security and without becoming exorbitant, its rates are also great for all countries. Allows adult traffic. Only pay through bank account, from $ 15, and Payoneer, from $ 10.

Gold Shorten, registered in October 2017, has a Latin administrator. The CPM starts at $ 2. Send payments by PayPal from as little as $ 1, as well as by Western Union from $ 50., whose domain was registered in September 2017, is getting a lot of traffic. Pay over 2 $ thousand visits. Send Paypal payments starting at $ 5.

In some innovations are present, although unfortunately they do not go beyond the indexable pages. Their rates are very normal. Pay by Paypal from $ 5.

Note: Pending approval of the latest version, this shorteners may not yet be available in all versions of the extension.