Thursday, February 22, 2018

More and better notifications

More notifications are added that will make the extension more intuitive and allow you to know, if that is what happens, what is wrong.

This will help to know if the problem is the credentials of the API, itself, some parameter or the site in general. This will make it easier to find the solution.

Among them we have:

  • Informational: When credentials are deleted, when a shortener is hidden or when you add a shortener to favorites are new notifications that have been added, like other actions in the past.
  • Errors and warnings: In some shorteners (all the most recent ones), when a response is received that is not the expected one: there are several types of errors that can be detected and offer a solution, in addition to many others that will be notified with their message corresponding error.

The errors can be returned by the shortening API. They can be of the type "invalid URL", "invalid API token" or "invalid API call".

Other errors can be HTTP status codes. In this case the typical 4xx or 5xx If an error of this type is received also, along with a simple description, it will be indicated.

Other less likely error messages may also appear, such as problems that may appear internally in the APIs or having chosen one that was not due.

When possible the extension will give you extra information to solve this problem. In any case if someone needs to contact me for this reason it would be very useful to specify the error.

Note: Pending approval of the latest version, this option may not yet be available in all versions of the extension.