Saturday, September 30, 2017

Make API and all his links work again suffered a major stumbling block. For some reason its domain was blocked worldwide and it is not possible to access it or the links through it. They have enabled a new one;, which works just like the old one. Everything is ready in UMS to return to the routine with this shortener.

How to use instead of

This change has already been applied in UMS so it is now possible to shorten URLs normally using the new domain. If you have never used through UMS you have to do it as with any other shortener; adding the credentials requested. If you were already using it you have to delete the previous credentials and use the new ones.

Another way to change the endpoint API to is to use the configuration. If you right click on the UMS icon you will see an option called 'configuration'. A panel will be displayed by clicking on it:

From there you can easily edit the entered credentials, sometimes they are routes and in other codes. With you must introduce an API endpoint, that is, a path to a web address, which you can find in your panel, under the Tools -> API menu.

In addition, it is not necessary to use exclusively the version of the API of that returns plain text, but both versions are compatible with the extension. It will now also work with or without the example address that is included in the documentation.

Redirect all old links when you are there

As a special extra, there is a new option available in the sub-menu in the UMS panel. This allows you to automatically redirect to the new domain when you visit any route of the old one. Keep the original route so the old links you visit will also work.

Best regards!