Sunday, March 24, 2019

The new version of UMS will bring new shorteners faster

There is a new version (2.11) of URL Multishortener. It does not bring great news in terms of its functionalities, but it does have a new feature that will be useful both for me and for you, the users.

New shorteners and available at the moment

Now UMS loads the shorteners from an external database. In this way it is faster and easier to have new shorteners available in the extension.

In particular, the shorteners are loaded from the same site as and, which will favor the use of the 3 tools as a whole; what you find in each one will also be available in the others.

So far I had to program the functionalities or the existence of each shortener separately and upload the new version, which was slower.

Now it's done automatically. The difference with which new shorteners may appear in the mentioned tools will be a maximum of one day.

Acortador Dwindly logoAcortador UrlCero logo

Acortador logologo de clicksfly

log de shrtly

logo de uizio

Previously (June 30, 2018) had already been added: UrlCero, Dwindly and U3O. With the new update you will have available: ShrtFly,, ClicksFly, Miniurl, Shortzom and Voxc which counts 4 visits per IP.

Note: The new shorteners are only loaded when the extension is restarted or when the browser is reopened.

Other improvements and minor corrections

Fixed a problem that eliminated credentials of shorteners when they were added to favorites.

The redirects from before showed two notifications, that now does not happen anymore.

In Firefox, adding a shortener in favorites did not show the notification that announced it, it has also been fixed.

The panel to enter an alias for shorteners that allow it does not let the accompanying text stand out.

The notification shown by shorteners that do not have APIs and that therefore send to the main page when they are selected, has been improved.

By mistake he had removed the part of the code that translated the popup texts. Now you can find them in Spanish and not only in English.

Now falls of the Internet connection and its recovery are detected.

Detecting advertiser pages with SkimLinks

One of the features of UMS is that it makes use of several SkimLinks APIs. Thanks to this automatic affiliation platform, UMS can notify you of the pages where you can earn money with this platform.

SkimLinks also has a shortener, and in this way you can shorten the links on these pages to earn money that will go to your SkimLinks account.

To activate this option you have to open the contextual menu within UMS and activate the option that you will find there.

For some time it has been failing to detect the sites of the available advertisers, but this problem has already been solved.

This was because the new API of this platform, which was already renewed in previous versions, included a limit of requests that the extension exceeded and caused an error that prevented its correct operation.

Now everything works normally; although it takes about 3 minutes to get this functionality since the browser starts.